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Vectra raffle!

It is flea, tick, mosquito, and biting fly season (finally!).  We recommend Vectra 3D as our topical preventative against these nasty, irritating parasites.  Vectra 3D is a repellant product–the fleas and ticks don’t need timageso bite the dog in order to die.  It is topical and applied once a month.


The applicator is VERY easy to use and doesn’t drip, unlike some other topical products you may have used in the past.

Vectra 3D also has great deals–if you buy 3 doses, you can get 1 free.  If you buy 6 doses, you get 3 doses free–enough to last you through the flea avectrand tick season.

Best of all, for every 3 doses that you purchase at Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic, you will get 1 ticket to enter into our Betty Lou Cruise raffle.  A gift card worth $240, which will get you 4 tickets for a cruise obettylouf Lake Monona.  What fun!



7/11/14: Congratulations to Brooke (and her dog Ole) for winning the Betty Lou Cruise tickets!
Big thanks to all who participated- we sincerely wish you all could have won!