Tooth root abscess

Meet Cosmo, a 9 yr old Maltese.  He came in the other day because he had a large swelling under his right eye, causing him to squint and have drainage from the eye.  It was very uncomfortable!

Based on the location of the swelling, it was suspected that he had a tooth root abscess.  The upper fourth premolar and the molar both have 3 roots in that area, any of which can become infected and cause an abscess.  He was started on antibiotics and a pain/anti-inflammatory medication and scheduled for a dental procedure.

When he was dropped off for his dental surgery, the swelling had opened up and drained and was less swollen.  Just looking at the teeth, it is hard to determine if they are the problem.

He was anesthetized and dental x-rays were taken, to make sure that the root(s)was the problem.

Full dental x-rays and probing helped determine that 7 of his teeth on the top were diseased–some were loose, some had deep pockets, some had diseased roots on x-ray.  They were all extracted and the gums closed with absorbable suture.

The abscess was flushed with an antimicrobial solution, but left open to drain.  The antibiotics will be continued to clear up the bacterial infection.

After the dental surgery, Cosmo woke up and was happy and excited to get out and run around!