Cat Friendly Practice

Cat Friendly

  Everyone knows that we are crazy cat people.  We admit it.  Dr. Scarlett, in particular, loves the felines and has 5 of her own (including Charlie).  Jamie has 2 sweet and lovable kitties, Natasha has the famous Ming Ming and I have recently adopted my very first cat ever, Obi Wan, which has been an adventure for him, as well as for me and my dog!

  We can’t believe that it has taken us this long to apply for Cat Friendly Practice certification through the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), but we finally did.

  It is a process that starts with Dr. Scarlett joining the AAFP (I know, seems like she could RUN it, right??).  Then we had to fill out a checklist of all the ways in which we are cat friendly, including having a cat-specific exam room, using Feliway (a synthetic feline pheromone) in areas where cats are examined or hospitalized, practicing cat-friendly handling and restraint, and demonstrating the staff’s feline knowledge base.

    We sent in our application last week, and though we haven’t heard back yet, we are hoping for a Gold Standard status, which would make us one of only 3 clinics in Madison to have earned this highest rating.

    Being a cat friendly practice isn’t all about just loving cats and wanting to cuddle them all day long.  It is about making each visit as calm, comfortable and stress-free as possible for cats as well as their owners, so that we can see our feline patients at least once every year.

  Why no “Dog Friendly Practice certification” you ask?  Because people generally acknowledge the need for annual examinations and vaccinations for dogs, and dogs are generally pretty happy to come to the vet (they are often more food-motivated than cats and we have yummy treats!)

  Annual physical exams for cats are very important to identify potential illnesses or injuries as early as possible.  Pets benefit from preventative health care just like we do!

  Stay tuned in February for another installment all about the feline physical exam.  It may look like Dr. Scarlett is just petting your cat while making small talk with you, but you’ll be surprised how much she learns from her exam and discussion with you!

To learn more about Cat-Friendly Certification, please go to:

American Association of Feline Practitioners